Changing the Articles of Association

The Articles of Association and Internal Regulations of V.R.A.

The association's statutes were revised in 2022 and adapted to the requirements of the WBTR.

The Internal Regulations were approved at the members' meeting of November 28, 2023

Both documents can be found in this folder: Articles of Association and Internal Regulations

Previous communication

The new statutes of VRA

Dear member of VRA.

As announced in the GMM of August 26, 2021, the statutes of VRA need to be replaced. With the much appreciated help of Thijs Vermeulen and Frederik ten Kate, the Board has made a pass that is now suitable for sharing with all members.

Why are statutes important?

Statutes are provisions and ground rules that underlie every organization in the Netherlands. The articles of association must be recorded by a notary. The notary draws up a deed of incorporation containing the articles of association. Subsequently, the articles of association are filed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

What do the statutes of an association say?

The statutes of an association contain a number of matters that are required by law. In addition, an association can also record matters that are specific to the club. For example, VRA has provisions for appointing Honorary Members.

Some examples of provisions in statutes:

  • The name of the association
  • The location
  • The purpose of the association
  • How to become a member and cancel.
  • The obligations of the members towards the association
  • The manner of convening the General Members' Meeting
  • The destination of the association's equity in the event of termination.

Why do the articles of association need to be amended?

There are 2 main reasons to change the articles of association:

  • The WBTR was adopted on July 1, 2021. This amendment to the law places higher demands on the quality of management and supervision of foundations, boards and cooperatives. Read the further details on the [WBTR website] (
  • The statutes of VRA are from 1993. Since that time the association has grown and changed enormously, leading to the need to amend the statutes.

What is expected of me?

Members make the club, because without members VRA cannot exist. So when changing our ground rules, we want to involve as many members as possible. Even if only to raise awareness of our statutes, the Board wants to give the members of VRA the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of our new statutes.

All members are cordially invited to acquaint themselves with the draft that is now ready and to comment on any provisions it contains or does not contain.

How can I make my contribution?

To steer the comments in the right direction, the draft of the new statutes is in the lobby of our Digital VRA Clubhouse (DVC). Each member has access to the DVC with his or her personal VRA account.

The draft statutes can be accessed via this link

After clicking the link, your default internet browser (eg Chrome, Firefox, Safari) opens and asks for your login account. Enter your VRA account here and click Next. Then enter your password and click Next. The document with the new statutes opens.

The original statutes can be viewed via this link (use your VRA-ID to access) to the statutes of 1993

I don't know what my VRA account is. What now?

Every member of VRA has a personal VRA account. Until now, this has mainly been used by the board, staff, captains and committee members for running the club.

If the VRA account is no longer known, or access is not possible, an email to the administrator of the Digital VRA Clubhouse ( with name , telephone number and own email address are sufficient to request the VRA account. Other support questions can also be asked here.

Until when can I make my contribution?

The commentary version will be available for comment until Monday, April 18, 2022 6:00 PM. Thereafter, all comments will be processed by our Legal Committee and the Board. This will of course take into account the legal feasibility of comments, but also the appropriateness of comments within the policy of the club.

This version will then be submitted as an agenda item at the General Members Meeting to be held on Friday 22 April 2022.

N.B. This information is also available on the VRA website and will also be updated there.

The Board looks forward to your highly valued involvement.

The Board of VRA
Dorien Rauwerda - Chairman
Harold Horsman - Secretary
Peter van Gulik - Treasurer
Theo Lindemann - Board Member for Construction Business
Thomas Spits - Board Member for Competitions

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