VRA is a sports club with members. The association year runs from January 1 to December 31. Membership of the club follows the association year and is tacitly renewed every year.

The cricket competition in the Netherlands starts in May and ends in early September, but you can watch VRA from early April to October. The teams consist of more than the required eleven players, so playing every week is certainly possible, but not necessary. And when the outdoor season ends, the winter season begins in our new indoor hall. If you would like to become a member of VRA, please complete the application form.

Thank you in advance for your registration. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your registration.

Contributions 2024

The new internal regulations came into effect in November 2023, containing the newly determined contributions. From 2024, the established training courses for all teams of VRA members will be included in the contribution. The extra winter training contribution has therefore been cancelled.

Category Born after Born for Contribution
Seniors Sep 1, 1998 €425
Students Sep 1, 1998 Sep 1, 2004 €325
Under19 Sep 1, 2004 Sep 1, 2006 €275
Under17 Sep 1, 2006 Sep 1, 2008 €255
Under15 Sep 1, 2008 Sep 1, 2010 €225
Under13 Sep 1, 2010 Sep 1, 2012 €205
Under11 Sep 1, 2012 Sep 1, 2014 €185
Under9 Sep 1, 2014 Sep 1, 2016 €120
Under7 Sep 1, 2016 Sep 1, 2024 €25
Non-playing member €200
Donor €125

VRA believes that sportsmanship and hospitality are very important values to convey to young people. That is why lunch is served for your child and the opponent at every competition match at VRA. The costs for this lunch this season are EUR 59.50 and will be settled together with the contribution due for this year.

Bank details VRA:
ING Bank - IBAN: NL95 INGB 0006066048
t.a. Treasurer VRA in Amsterdam

To be able to play and train, paying your membership fee on time is a must. It is clear that if contributions are not paid, the Board will have to decide to suspend eligibility to play and that training will no longer be allowed until the obligation has been met. The Board will monitor this increasingly strictly from the 2014 season onwards.

Collection of contributions by ClubCollect

Since 2014, VRA has outsourced the collection of contributions to NLCollect, now called ClubCollect. This is not a collection agency, but a facility organization that offers many benefits to both the association and its members. How does that work?

ClubCollect sends an email, SMS or letter on behalf of the club to each club member prior to the season with the request to pay the contribution. A link is included in these messages. You can make the payment via iDEAL via this link.

You can also indicate to ClubCollect whether you want to make this payment (a) in one go or (b) in installments (fees apply).

Payment must be made before the stated due date. If you have opted for installments, you will receive a reminder for each due date by email, SMS or letter. If payment has not been credited to the account by the due date, the bill will be increased by 10 euros. Please note: if there is not sufficient balance in the account, the costs of reversal will be charged to you.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the administration or the financial committee. For more information about ClubCollect, please refer to their website.

Member list

The member list is visible to members and donors on the VRA website after logging in. Check there whether your details are still correct. If not, have them adjusted immediately. Without the correct data, the chance of errors and/or problems is high. You can of course also provide the correct information personally to the member administration.


Only in special cases can the treasurer decide to grant a payment arrangement or dispensation. Members who believe they are eligible for this will have to submit a substantiated request to the treasurer. The scheme always applies for one year and is not automatically extended.

The Youth Fund helps families with little money

VRA wants to be a club where every member, young and old, feels at home. Yet it can be very difficult for families where the financial resources are insufficient to allow children to fully participate.

Is it difficult to pay the membership fee? The Youth Fund Sports & Culture helps! The Sports & Culture Youth Fund pays contributions and/or supplies for children and young people from families where there is insufficient money at home.

How does it work?

As a parent/guardian, you cannot submit an application to the Youth Fund for Sport & Culture yourself. This can only be done by an intermediary, for example the teacher, someone from the social district team, debt counseling or youth care. He or she knows the rules and whether your child is eligible. If the application is approved, your child can often play sports within three weeks. Would you like to submit an application? Then download the parent card, complete it and take it with you to the appointment with the intermediary.

There is always a Youth Sports & Culture Fund nearby. You can find the contact details of all funds on the website of the Youth Fund Sports & Culture.

What is the amount?

The Youth Fund Sports & Culture determines the amount based on the amount of the contribution and, if necessary, the necessities. After approval of the application, the contribution will be paid directly to us. You may also receive a voucher for sports equipment that can be redeemed at a store nearby. The intermediary can tell you more about this.

Would you like to know more about the working methods of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture? Read more here.

Cancellation of membership

Canceling on time is always a member's own responsibility. This can only be done by completing the unsubscribe form completely: unsubscribe form. After receiving the unsubscribe form, we will first check whether there are any outstanding invoices before the request is honored.
Cancellation of membership must be received by the secretary before December 31st of the current season. If you cancel after December 31, the association is entitled to charge the contribution for the new, subsequent season.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about membership and contributions are below. If your question is not listed, please send an email with your question to

  1. I am new to the cricket world. Is there such a thing as an introductory membership?
    This type of membership does not exist at VRA, but you will have the opportunity to train a few times first and get a feel for the game and the club. As soon as you start participating in competitions, you are required to be a full member of the club. Come to one of the training sessions and report to the trainer. He will assess your cricketing skills and ambitions and guide you further. The training schedule can be found on this site.
  2. I joined halfway through the season or:
    I got injured during the season or:
    I'm moving halfway through the season and can no longer play,
    Do I get a discount now?
    No. Membership is entered into for the entire year. The club enters into obligations based on the number of members and must also make payments to the KNCB based on the number of members. We therefore cannot give a discount. So make sure you cancel on time so that you don't have to unnecessarily pay for next season, because the Treasurer is unrelenting.
  3. Can I participate in a competition as a non-playing member?
    No that is not possible. As a non-playing member you do not count as a player and we also pay less to the KNCB that organizes the competition matches. If you want to play, you can only do so as a full playing member. Please report any changes in your playing situation to the Secretary as soon as possible. You will receive an invoice for the playing part of the membership, which you must pay as soon as possible in order to play.
  4. Can I pay my contribution in installments?
    Yes, if you log in to ClubCollect via the link you receive, you will have the option to pay in a maximum of 3 installments. There are costs involved.

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