UPDATE April 24, 2024 Second batch closes today!

To anyone who still wants to order clothing: order today, because the second batch will close tonight at 10:00 PM!

Allow around 6 weeks for delivery

UPDATE April 2d, 2024 Second batch has opened for ordering

The first batch of orders has been sent to Gray Nicolls for production. We expect the delivery of that batch by the end of April.

The second batch of ordering your kit has opened. This batch will be closed at April 19th 2024. That means that delivery of the second batch will be after the competition has started.

For all other items you can go directly to the webshop of Gray Nicolls. They have a wide range of items.

When you order through the Gray Nicolls website, get 20% discount by using the special discount code: A_VRA20_24

UPDATE March 6th , 2024: Order your new VRA kit*

Order your new VRA kit, made by Gray Nicolls. We have a large collection of clothing available for you. Order it today, as the deadlines are tight.

Deadline for the first batch: 12 March 2024 20:00 CET

The VRA Club Kit

All VRA teams are required to play their competition matches in colored club clothing, with the exception of the ZAMI.

Special club clothing is not yet mandatory for the youngest youth up to and including Under9. For them, it will be decided in consultation with the U9 coaches and the youth commissioner what the team's uniform will be.

Order via VRA
All VRA apparel is supplied exclusively by Gray Nicolls. Because the full-colour printed competition clothing (shirt and jersey) including club logo is manufactured in Asia with a minimum quantity, it has a long delivery time. From a logistical and cost point of view, it is therefore not possible to order these specific items individually, but must do so via the VRA order form. This way you also save on delivery costs.

Ordering procedure
Every member (or parent) can order VRA clothing. Go to the online order form

Personalise: shirt number and/or name
It is possible to have a name and/or number printed on the back of the shirt and sweater. This choice has be made in consultation with the captain/team leader, but will then apply to the entire team. The clothing of a team must be uniform.


You can pay directly in the online order form. This will be used for the central bulk orders from VRA. For all other, non-VRA items, we refer to the shop on the Gray Nicolls website.

Delivery time
According to the supplier, the delivery time of the coloured competition clothing is 6 weeks after ordering by VRA.

Size Chart
Clothing sizes are listed in the form

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