Ordering new VRA competition clothing ‘21

Update April 1

The registration for competition clothing via the team captains or youth leaders is closed from April 1. All team orders have been collected and passed on to the supplier. From now on, it is a matter of patience until there is a message that the clothes will arrive and can be distributed. This also takes place per team and via the team coordinator.

Anyone who wants to order competition clothing after April 1 can do so by sending an email to webshop@vra.nl with details about the desired order. We will collect these orders until the minimum order quantity is reached and then order again in batch. So that can take a little longer.
Unfortunately, the webshop of Stuart Surridge has not yet been updated by the supplier. It is therefore not yet possible to place individual orders for other VRA articles. However, we are working on it and we will report it immediately as soon as the webshop is up and running again.

Introduction - 19 March

While the Corona measures continue to create uncertainty about when we can all return to competitive cricket, it will almost certainly happen this summer, in whatever form. However, according to a previously approved decision by the KNCB, all teams must wear colored club clothing from this 2021 season. All playing members of all teams will therefore have to order a new VRA kit to participate in the competition.

The KNCB has provisionally made an exception for the ZAMI department. They can still play in white this season. (Colored clothing is also allowed, but remember that a team must always be dressed uniformly.) We also want to make a reservation for the Juniors up to and including U9. For them, this will be decided in consultation with the youth commissioner, Sidra Raja. Perhaps a cheaper alternative will be devised for them. To be clear: older junior teams will therefore play in club uniform.

New VRA kit

The new outfit has hardly changed compared to the outfit that was already worn by VRA 1, 2 and VRA Ladies from 2019. What is especially different are two new logos on both sleeves. Since last year, VRA has been happy with two fantastic sponsors, namely the Amsterdam investment company Parcom (recently in the news as co-savior of the HEMA) and VR Shipping, an important forwarding agent on the trans-Atlantic route, established in the Antilles.

To order

All VRA clothing can only be ordered (via the VRA website) from our English supplier Surridge Sport. The mandatory, colored competition clothing can only be ordered centrally, via the captains or team leaders. An important reason for this is that the full color printed competition clothing (shirt and jersey) is manufactured in Asia with a minimum number of copies and has a longer delivery time. From a logistics and cost point of view, this is therefore the best way to keep orders on the right track. That is why a discount now applies. Although the pants can also be ordered separately via the website, in this case they are ordered and delivered as a set together with the shirts. If you still have the black VRA pants from the 2019 outfit, then it is sufficient to order only a shirt of course. Nothing has changed on the pants.

In addition to competition clothing, other club clothing can also be purchased via the webshop, such as standard white clothing, training clothing, shorts, polos, hoodies, jackets. These articles can be ordered by everyone individually, but it is recommended to combine this with a number of interested parties because of higher delivery and import costs (because Brexit!). Please note: Up to € 150, a shipment is free of import duties, but not VAT. From € 150, - you always have to pay import duties and VAT.

The webshop is currently being updated and will not be active again until April 1. This is partly due to price adjustments (was incl. VAT and will now be excl. VAT). Orders are currently NOT being processed temporarily, so please wait a little longer before ordering via the webshop.


All playing members will receive an invitation from their captain or team leader this week (wk12) to order the new club kit in the correct sizes via the online order form on the VRA website, with the request to do so immediately. Ultimately you should at least have a complete set (competition shirt and pants), but if you play a lot you can also order extra. A matching sweater (nice on cold days) can also be specified. The enclosed size chart ensures that you can determine the correct sizes yourself (ladies can also choose regular fit or slim fit).

It is possible to have a name or number printed on the back of the shirt and sweater. This choice will be made in consultation with the captains / team leaders, but will then apply to the entire team. The clothing of a team must be uniform.

Unfortunately, as a result of Brexit, prices have been structured differently and have also increased compared to previous years. We had to negotiate for a long time and conducted our own research in order to ultimately determine prices.

  • Seniors: The offer price (€ 5 discount) for a set -shirt and trousers- is now € 79 incl. shipping, import duties and VAT.
  • Juniors: The offer price (€ 5 discount) for a set is now € 60 incl.

For prices of other articles, we refer to the webshop, on which from 1 April a.s. the current prices are stated. It should be noted that these prices will be "ex works" in GBP, excluding VAT. In addition to minor exchange rate changes and the usual costs for transport and VAT, you should also take into account possible additional costs for import duties (12%). Unfortunately, these are the consequences of Brexit. **Please note: the current prices in the SS webshop are not correct and will be adjusted by them as soon as said.*


Due to the large numbers and lack of income due to the Corona crisis, the club cannot pre-finance the orders. Each article will therefore have to be paid immediately upon order by a member to the responsible captain or team leader. He / she will inform the team members about the details and method of payment. Only when all orders and payments per team have been received, the order list is forwarded to the Tenue Committee (Benno van Nierop). The total amount of the team order is immediately transferred by the captain / team leader to the bank account of VRA, after which the order can be placed with Surridge.

Delivery time

Delivery time is 5-6 weeks according to the supplier. It is therefore very important that all orders and amounts are submitted to the captain / team leader as soon as possible, but no later than three days after receipt of the order invitation. They will ensure a quick settlement, because a delay with just a few players would lead to a delay in the entire team order. And of course nobody wants that. If everyone cooperates, the clothing will be in in time for the start of the season to be handed out to each player. We rely on your prompt cooperation.

Respond quickly!

In the coming days, look forward to the email from the captain or leader of the team to which you have been assigned (for the time being) and respond as soon as possible. Then, as soon as we are allowed to re-enter the field, we will from now on play in VRA's familiar club colors.

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