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VRA currently has approximately 250 members, most of whom are active players in the eleven VRA teams entered into the various competition leagues. Cricket at VRA means playing, training, and socialising with a pleasantly mixed company of surprisingly wide-ranging nationalities at one of the most beautiful sports grounds in the Netherlands. Cricket at VRA also offers various playing levels so there is always a team to suit your ambitions.

VRA’s first eleven plays in the Dutch Topklasse (highest league), and three other Sunday teams play at various levels, ranging from ambitious and competitive to purely recreational. On Saturday the other two recreational Men’s teams, the Ladies team and four Youth teams play in various age categories.

Expat community
As cricket is especially popular in other parts of the world, many British expats and people from other commonwealth countries find their way to VRA. If cricket is considered a good sports example of successful integration, the VRA cricket club can be viewed as one of its strongest proponents. This is no surprise with VRA being located in Amsterdam, a city that attracts business from all over the world.

For many decades now, English, Scottish, Welsh, Indian, Australian, Suriname, New Zealand, Pakistani, Afghani, West-Indian, South African, Zimbabwean, American, Sri Lankan and Dutch players have been playing together as friends at VRA. As a typical Amsterdam sports club, we are proud of this special blend of nationalities, while we also are careful to maintain a healthy balance and our own traditional ‘club culture’.

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''The VRA Cricket Stadium in Amstelveen, which is south of the city, is easy to get to and what greeted us was nothing short of something romantic. It was a very cute, quaint and intimate ground, similar to an out ground back home in England. The atmosphere was one of excitement and the sun was beating down. We sat down on a bench and just soaked it all up.''

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Duminy aan bat - NL vs SA 2013

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