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Due to the developments surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, the need to facilitate online meetings has suddenly increased enormously.

VRA has the opportunity to use all the possibilities that Google GSuite has to offer; and that includes online meetings with Hangouts Meet. If you want to meet with 2 to 100 people, Hangouts Meet is ideal for bringing people together.

What do you need to have a meeting via Hangouts Meet?

How can I join a conference via computer?

How can I conference with a telephone?

To join the conference by phone, dial the phone number listed in the meeting invitation. That number is based on the country your browser detects. If necessary, this can be adjusted to another dial-in number in another country. Local telephone rates then apply.

After dialing the phone number, the nine-digit PIN code must be given, followed by a # (hash). You will then be connected to the meeting.

What do you need to organize an online meeting?

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