Donate your energy relief to VRA

As is known, energy prices have risen enormously this year. This affects VRA enormously, especially since our energy supplier broke open the current, permanent contract in May and unilaterally increased the rates. This has led to a tripling(!) of our energy bill. Extra painful when you consider that we have had that beautiful cricket hall built with super deluxe lighting to keep the operation of the club healthy. All LED lighting, of course, also in the renovated clubhouse, but a lot. Count out your winnings!

Fortunately, the cabinet has decided to compensate households for the enormous price increases. In the months of November and December 2022, each household will be reimbursed an amount of €190 via the energy bill. This applies to everyone, even if there is still a permanent contract with 'old' stable energy rates. Unfortunately, for many, the contribution is much needed and indispensable, but for many others an unexpected windfall and not necessarily necessary.

Hence this urgent appeal. We would like to ask all members (and family or acquaintances) who do not need the energy contribution for their own household to donate it to VRA. As an association, we really need those energy contributions. Your support is urgently needed and contributes directly to the survival of VRA. For you free money that you normally would not have counted on, for the club €380 that are vital.

Fill out the form below for your heartwarming donation. You thereby help to reduce VRA's energy bill. Thank you very much indeed!

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