VRA Reunion 2014

On Saturday 23 August 2014 the Amsterdam Sport Association Volharding R.A.P. Amstels (V.R.A.) will organise a reunion for everyone who has ever, one way or another, been part of the VRA family. (Former) members, donors, (former) sponsors, related family members, supporters, widows and friends.

In 2012 we celebrated with a splendid festivity on the Museumplein that RUN, the oldest loot on the V.R.A. tree, was established 130 years earlier. It is this year (1882) that we will uphold as the year of our establishment. This year we reflect the fact that the merger of Volharding, R.A.P. en Amstels CC to become the present V.R.A. took place exactly 100 years ago.

The V.R.A. Committee hopes to strengthen the mutual relationship with and between as many members, former members, families and all concerned as much as possible. We would enjoy welcoming them all on V.R.A. on this memorable day.

Please take along your children, young or old, there will be plenty of entertainment for all ages (cricket games, tip & run, jumping cushion).
Program 23 August:

13.00Get together/coffee for players in mutual cricket match
Start match ZAMI1 vs ZAMI2 (league match)
14.00Start mixed reunionists match T20
16.00Start Reunion Drinks
ca. 17.00End of reunionists match, followed by welcome speech by Chairman
ca. 17.30Group picture of reunionists from terrace
ca. 18.00VRA-auction directed by auctioneer Floris Kappelle
ca. 19.00Dinner (€10 per adult, kids under 12 free of charge)
ca. 21.00Music & Dance with VRA Club DJ
ca. 24.00the End

Cost per participant non-members : €20,00 (excl. dinner) Cost per participant members : €10,00 (excl. dinner) Family and guests free of charge.

For this amount you will receive a name badge, tickets for a drink, various snacks during the afternoon and the group picture which will be send to you later by e-mail. The amount will also have to cover the other expenses involved with the organization of this event.

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