How's That! 20 september 2022

Jaargang 90 Nummer 23

Clubblad Amsterdamse Sportvereniging VRA

How's That verschijnt tijdens het cricketseizoen wekelijks

Opruimdagen - End of season cleanup

The pitch renovation of main & practice square has been taken care of by Terry & Pete with an unexpected speed and vigour. And it is looking good!

Now it is time to do the rest of venue. And now all members need to participate.

The artificial pitches have to be taken out, the practice nets taken down, benches moved and general clean up. Special attention should be given to the green container with all training materials and spare cricket equipment. We need to select the good from the bad.
Any member who has stored his/her cricket bag in the container need to remove it this weekend.

We are planning our annual cleaning day(s) at the weekend of sat 24 and sun 25 September.

Start of clean up is 10.00. Please let us know you're coming at There are chores for everyone.

Theo Lindemann

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