Videocon Cup - India, Pakistan, Australia

The Videocon Cup in Amsterdam had an exciting start on 21st August 2004 when the two old rivals, India and Pakistan, clashed before a crowd of 13.000 very enthousiastic supporters. Pakistan won this tense battle. Video

Videocon Cup 2004
Videocon Cup 2004 © Sander Tholen

The rest of this three country tournament, that had a very strong line up including world champions Australia, did not develop in the same manner. To often rain stopped play and spoiled the proceedings. The 220 mm rainfall caused some matches not to be played or just partially. The final between Australia and Pakistan was a low scoring match on 29th August. In the end this was the only match that was not influenced by rain. The entire tournament was broadcast live by FOX Sports and was followed by a worldwide television audience of several hundreds of millions viewers.

Videoconcup 2004

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