VRA Winter training by Dunlop fysiotherapists

VRA Winter fitness

Since a few months, the fysiotherapy practice of George Dunlop and his wife Annalina is hosted by VRA. In this winter they are offering some interesting services and packages for VRA members.

It is with great pleasure to offer winter training packages based at VRA. Some of you may know me already having played, trained and worked with me at VRA over the last couple years.

I am offering training package deals, which can Include one on one sessions, duo – bring a friend(s) and team sessions (minimum 5). The main goal of these can be individual or group specific with the focus generally on fitness, cricket skills and cricket competition preparation.

Fitness Sessions Schedule:

Days Time Cost
Cricfit Performance group AM: Mon, Wed, FriPM: Tue, Wed, Thu 8:00-9:00 18:00-20:00 €10 pp
Individual & duo sessions AM: Mon, Thu & Fri 9:00-13:00 15:00-19:00 €50-€55
Team sessions Contact me re. availability €60

*Days and times subject to availability, first come first serve

Packages 1 week & 4 week:

Per hour 1 week 4 weeks
Cricfit performance group €10 1x p/wk €10 €35
2x p/wk €15 €45
Unlimited €18 €50
Personal training (PT) & DUO (+€5 per training) €50 + €5 per person 1x p/wk €50 €190
2x p/wk €95 €360
Combo options (AIY & PT) 1x Cricfit + 1x PT p/wk €60 €225
Unlimited Cricfit + 1x PT p/wk €65 €230
1x Cricfit + 2x PT p/wk €105 €395
Unlimited Cricfit + 2x PT p/wk €110 €400

*Get in touch regarding a free 20min consultation to discuss a plan that fits to your goals and expectations.

Other Services Include:

Physiotherapy & Massage

Contact details:

Mobile: 0657270109
Email: info@dunlop-fysio.nl
Website: dunlop-fysio.nl

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Onze sponsors

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