VRA Campaign - Buy a Brick

As you have heard, the ALV has decided to continue with the plans for acquiring the clubhouse, so we still need more money!
Buy-a-Brick stays open for your gifts.

Update October 1st

Today the end date has passed for the campaign. But we can continue for at least another couple of weeks! From the beginning of August many VRA-benevolents have donated bricks. And with all our help we have raised the enormous amount of € 13.000 sofar! Even though the campaign officially ends today, we have gotten more time to raise the required amount. The original goal was €35.000, so there is still time to raise that number. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to own our clubhouse. We have big plans for the renovation, but we need to acquire the clubhouse first. We urge all our current members to donate and to share this campaign with your family, friends and colleagues. Send them all to Buy-a-Brick now!

Update September 19th

We have recently reached the 10.000 Euro barrier! We have noticed that many of the donations are done by non-members. Let that be an extra inspiration to share our campaign with family and friends. We have not reached our goal yet, so let's give it an extra boost by sending this page to your network.

Update August 30th

Donations are now possible through iDeal! Our fundraising platform Raisely has been working very hard to get this payment option ready for us. Please spread the word that everybody can now use this very safe payment method while donating to VRA Buy-a-Brick.
How do I use iDeal? Simply select the iDeal option when you are in the panel that allows you to choose between Credit Card and iDeal. From there on, you will see the familiar iDeal screens that allow you to select your bank and pay the amount.

Update August 28th

The campaign is going to be extended! Due to the holidays, we have had a slightly slow start of the Buy-a-Brick campaign. But as you can see, the donations are now starting to come in. So keep the campaign going and share this message with your entire network. Send your friends and family to www.vra.nl and support VRA.

Fundraising event on September 9th

And on September 9th, a special fundraising event will be held at Coco's. Put it in your diary and invite your friends! Go to the Facebook event: Cricket White Party

To all members, former-members and other friends of VRA

Dear people with a heart for VRA,
Over the last several years, the City of Amsterdam and the VRA Board have had consultations about the future of the VRA clubhouse. VRA was confronted with a very high yearly rent, not covered by the state of the building and the additional exploitation and energy costs. The City of Amsterdam was working on a new policy for all sports facilities to bring down the number of owned properties including the investments required for all deferred maintenance.

During the course of this year, it became clear that the City was willing to sell the clubhouse to VRA. This would be a win-win solution for both parties. The VRA Board saw the potential of this idea and after constructive negotiations a reasonable price was established for the apprehension of the building, including the surrender of the leasehold for the surrounding terrain.

After 135 years of cricket in Amsterdam, of which 80 years in the Amsterdamse Bos, our Amsterdamsche Sport Vereeniging Volharding RAP Amstels (in short: VRA Cricket) has the unique opportunity to acquire our well known, characteristic clubhouse in the Woods.

Taking this step will not only give us control over all the necessary renovations, but it will also allow us to get a healthy exploitation of the club. And thirdly and foremost, it will safeguard our position in the Amsterdamse Bos, against the ever pushing hockeyclubs surrounding us with their continuous aim for more plastic, concrete and steel on our beautiful grounds.

According to the agreements, the transfer will take place in September. The Board has been able to raise the substantial amount of 80,000 Euro with the help of benevolent sympathizers of VRA. In order to fully comply with all the agreements, we need another 35,000 Euro and together we are going to get that done! Within a month! If something was worth it, then it is now!

At the request of the Board a small team has quickly organized an online fundraising campaign to reach our ambitious goal. For that reason, we have established a concrete package of bricks for VRA. So buy-a- brick and contribute to an essential part for the club.

We have 3,500 bricks for sale in 5 packages:

  • 10 bricks for €100
  • 25 bricks for €250
  • 50 bricks for €500
  • 100 bricks for €1,000
  • 200 bricks for €2,000

The campaign is supported through social media, so share with family, friends, touring teams, expats, former members, schools and everyone who knows how valuable VRA’s place in the Woods is. Ask your employer or business relation to support us and make sure that we raise the €35,000.

Donating has been made very simple and secure on a special VRA-donation page on fundraising platform Raisely.com. At this moment, you can pay with credit card, but from next week you can also pay with iDeal.

All the donations are processed directly and the results are displayed on the donation page, but also on the VRA-homepage. This way, everyone can see how we are doing and how many days we have left. Every donation will be shown with the name of the donator, or anonymously if someone wishes to remain anonymous. After the campaign all the contributors will be mentioned on a special plaquette in our own clubhouse.

As an extra motivation it is possible to register as a group and raise money in your name. This way you can raise money for the club and attribute the donations to your group. You can start a group as a VRA team, a family, a company, or any other organization that you choose. The winning group, that raises the highest amount will get a nice prize. If you want to participate as a group, send an e-mail to vracampaign@gmail.com and mention 1. the name of the group, 2. the contact name, 3. Contact email address, 4. your fundraising target, 5. Your fundraising motto.

We count on your contributions: Buy-a-Brick now!

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