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We realize that members start to wonder what's going on with the VRA clothing that was ordered some time ago, early April. Now that the most severe Covid measures are relieved and we can start looking forward to the first serious cricketmatches in a long time, it's even more relevant.
Here's an update for you.

After consulting our supplier Surridge Sports we've learned that deliveries from the manufacturer in Asia are delayed and delivery time went up to some 8 weeks instead of the promised 5-6 weeks. Very unfortunate, but we will have to be patient. The kits are now expected to arrive in Amsterdam in week 24, so mid June.

As soon as we are informed about exact dates we will contact the team captains or team managers about when and how to collect. Probably we will set a date and time for each team to pick up their kit and distribute among the team members at VRA. People who ordered will need to sign for receipt of their orders, but of course this can also be arranged through the captains or managers. Details will follow later.

For new members or people that for some reason missed the first window of ordering per team we have again opened the opportunity to order online. This goes for the dye sublimated (colored) team wear only. Find the order form and size chart here. Orders will be collected until we reach a minimum quantity of 10 pieces per batch. Take into account a delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

We are also getting many questions about where to get cricket gear.
Some places we can recommend are listed here. If you know more addresses in the region, please let us know.

Tim de Leede Sports


Chaudry Sports

The Batman (for bat renovation)

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