In the Netherlands the cricket competition begins in May and ends in September. At VRA however you are welcome from early April till October. Each team has more than eleven players, so while it is possible to play every week it is by no means required. If you would like to join our club, please contact the club secretary by email or download the application form (right column).

We are looking forward to your application. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm your membership.

Membership dues 2018

Seniors € 325

Students (born after 1 Sept. 1992 and before 1 Sept. 1998, with Student ID) € 225

Under 19 (born after 1 September 1998 and before 1 September 2000) € 200

Under 17 (born after 1 September 2000 and before 1 September 2002) € 180

Under 15 (born after 1 September 2002 and before 1 September 2004) € 150

Under 13 (born after 1 September 2004 and before 1 September 2006) € 130

Under 11 (born after 1 September 2006 and before 1 September 2008) € 110

Under 9 (born after 1 September 2008 and before 1 September 2010) € 80

Under 7 (born after 1 September 2010) € 25

Donors € 110

Non-playing members with voting rights € 150

Bankgegevens VRA:
ING Bank - IBAN: NL95 INGB 0006066048
t.n.v. Penningmeester VRA, Amsterdam

To be allowed to play and train it is necessary that you pay your membership dues on time. In case your membership dues are not paid on time the Committee will have to decide to a suspension of your right to play and train, until payment is received. From the 2014 season onwards the Committee will monitor this more closely than has been the case in the past.

Collection of membership dues
VRA has outsourced the collection of dues to ClubCollect. This is not a collection agency, but an administration service company that offers many advantages for both members and club. How does this work?

Prior to the season ClubCollect sends an email, SMS or letter to every club member requesting payment of the membership dues. These messages contain a link that you can use to make your payment via iDEAL.

Also you can state whether you want (a) to make a full payment or (b) pay in four installments. Also you can choose for (c) automatic debit collection. In this last case please notify the VRA treasurer so he can provide the necessary instructions to ClubCollect.

Your membership dues should be paid before the expiration date. If you have chosen for four installments (involving an administration fee) you will receive a reminder by email, SMS or letter before every expiration date. If payment is not received by the expiration date the bill will be increased with 10 euro.

The membership list is visible for VRA members and donors on this website after logging on. Please check if your personal data is still up-to-date. If not, please notify any changes to the secretary. Without your correct personal data we may run into mistakes or problems.

If you have any questions about these procedures please contact the treasurer. More information about ClubCollect can be found on their website.

In some special cases the treasurer may decide to grant dispensation for payment of dues. Members who think they may qualify please contact the treasurer.

Timely cancellation of membership is the full responsibility of the member. This has to be done in writing, by letter or email sent to the club’s secretary. The cancellation must be received by 31 December of the year preceding the season for which membership is being cancelled. In case of cancellation after 31 December the Club is entitled to charge the membership dues for the new season.

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Download your application form here.

A completed form can be scanned and send by email to the secretary
or send by mail to:

VRA Cricket, att. Member Committee, Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan 21b, 1182 AA Amstelveen

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